Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Rotation: Check!

So Thursday was my last day in my first rotation. On the one hand I find that very exciting because it means I've accomplished something. But then I look at how many more rotations I have, how many more weeks I'll be spending in legal slavery it sort of steals away the joy. But that's okay, I'm still getting somewhere.

I had my theme meal on Thursday, it was a hit. If you look at the gorgeous bar graph I made summarizing the surveys (which you can't actually see because I'm not actually posting it, sad, I know) it shows that a majority of people ranked it as excellent, so win for me. And the decorations were a big hit. It was a good note to end on.

Next up is my outpatient rotation at the same hospital, it is mostly doing diabetes education. I'm nervous to be teaching classes, which is what I will be doing Tuesday and Wednesday. But I already have the materials for what I'll be teaching and intend to spend time practicing this weekend.

The new roommate started sleeping here and the jury is still out on whether or not I'm going to find him acceptable. I think thus far I've been pretty spoiled as far as roommates go. I've lived with friends or with people that it was easy to make friends with. And the one I had here already has been so perfect. We have opposite schedules it seems so we don't see each other all that much unless I find some creepy crawly in the kitchen and start screaming, then he comes running with broom in hand. This new one, however, is less about keeping to himself and more about being loud, putting books in the bathroom, and using my coffee maker to make crappy, weak coffee. It hasn't even been a week so I'm allowing more time for adjustment, then we'll see how it goes.

I think that's all for now. I'll leave a quote, I think I like signing off with a quote. This one has a bit of a story. I was feeling very lacking in the motivation department one day this week and so when I made my To Do List that morning I wrote quotes all over it to give myself some inspiration. Well Bill saw it half way through the day and in typical Bill fashion he stole the paper and wrote this one dawn for me, he assured me it was not to be taken personally it was just something he liked to remember, "Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblin of a simple mind."

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  1. The quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Or What's Up Doc. ;o)