Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm learning

So today I went in at 8:30 and worked on the blasted cycle menu for about half an hour. People were surprised I showed up again, apparently they don't quite understand the whole hours thing I guess and the fact that I have to be there no matter what. Anyways, I got to observe Lauren today, the outpatient dietitian. In a couple weeks I will be doing a rotation with her and I'll actually be teaching the class. She only had one person show up today so she spent two hours teaching him, and me of course. I was happy that I remembered most everything she was talking about and feel pretty comfortable saying that with some practice I'll be able to teach it with some confidence.

After I observed I went back to the office to read through some articles and fill out some paper work. After lunch I helped Bill tag the shipment that came in today. Some of it got wet because it got left out on the back porch for a little while and it started to rain. It was a little comical because as soon as the rain hit (during lunch) Bill had to run out and get it all inside so it didn't get completely soaked. About 4 people came in after that to let us all know the store room was a mess, Bill shoved everything in there without making it nice. We got it all cleaned up and then I got sent home to finalize my theme meal menu.

As of right now it looks like the meal will be spicy chicken strips, yam wedges, celery stick, herb dinner rolls, cheesy broccoli, and marble brownies. That's only if Dan doesn't change things when I show him tomorrow. Not to worry, I have two alternatives for every menu item, that's called preparation.

Funny things I heard today include mayonnaise being pronounced as "mannez," Bill told me I was too reserved and he apparently thinks showing up early is bad. Our program director told us to be on site 15 minutes before we were supposed to start our rotation but today Bill told me, "Show up at 8:30 tomorrow, not fifteen minutes before 8:30, just 8:30." That's what I get for trying to do what I'm told I guess. Oh ya, one person today said vitamin D milk, "Tastes like paint," compared to the skim milk they've been drinking recently. Honestly, I don't want to know why they know what paint tastes like and I'm not eager to find out if what they said was true :) Until tomorrow happens that's it for me.

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