Monday, January 18, 2010

In the Beginning. . .

I'm putting this out there as my disclaimer: I am not used to blogging or journaling so if my thoughts seemed scattered and come out at random I am sorry. Just be thankful you aren't actually inside my head, it is like a million times worse :)

The main purpose for this is to hep me keep my sanity during my internship. I just need to be able to get my thoughts out there about everything considering I'm already a little freaked out about my first day, which is TOMORROW!

I'm starting off in a food service rotation that is supposed to be pretty laid back. I still haven't decided if I want to wear my scrubs or go the business casual route with this one, the choice is mine. We went to the facility last week and all the people seem really nice I just wish I knew exactly what they are going to expect me to do outside my list of assignments.

Luckily, if tomorrow goes bad it is Adele's b-day (she's one of my Louisiana girls, I'll get around to introducing them all at a later date) so I can go cry to the other intern girls and take my mind off it.

I shall let you know how tomorrow goes when tomorrow has happened. Wish me luck!

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